BlackBeard is a charcter from MegaMan Battle Network 6.

MegaMan Battle Network 6 Edit

HE was an animal trainer at the Aquarium but was fired because of creul treatment to the animals. He is a member of the WWW and usses DiveMan.EXE to wreak havoc in the Aquarium. However he was stopped by Lan and MegaMan.EXE. He tried to escape and held Mick hostage. But a walrus came and beat him up. He was tried by the Judge tree in Green Town and convicted but escaped alter. He joined Yuika, Ito and Vic in rebelling against the WWW but was the first ot be arrested after he was caught talking to Mayor Cain.

Rockman EXE Beast Edit

He resides in Beyondard and uses DiveMan.EXE to cause trouble alongside Yuika for Beyondard Lord Wily.

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