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Bubble Man
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MegaMan Battle Network 3
Other appearances: MegaMan NT Warrior
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3 BubbleMan.EXE is a NetNavi working for the WWW that was created by Wily, and is DrillMan's cousin. He assaults people with exploding bubbles from dishwashers built by the organization. BubbleMan is a coward, and retreats several times when encountered. He is later seen again the the WWW base.


  • BubbleMan always starts with a hole in the centre of his area, and a rock placed above it. His Beta form adds a hole in the centre of the player's area.
  • Bubble Parade: Bubbles will constantly be summoned from the hole in Bubbleman's area, which can be taken out with a single Buster shot.
  • Fish Missile: Some of the bubbles contain a fish inside. If the bubbles are popped, they release the indestructible fish inside, and it will dash down the row.
  • Sea Crab: BubbleMan will throw a crab into the player's area. It will travel down the row before curving towards the player, and it can fall through holes.
  • Mine: Some of the bubbles summoned are pink and contain a mine. If these bubbles line up with the player, they will flash and explode in a + fashion. Additionally, these bubbles are more resilient than others.
  • Aqua Shot: Once BubbleMan reaches low HP, he sets up a Bubble Wrap, and then proceeds to fire his harpoon at the player.

Anime and Manga HistoryEdit

In the anime, he is ShadeMan's most trusted ally, who frequently races back and forth between being a villain and Navi of neutral alignment. BubbleMan usually has comical appearances where he is portrayed as a blundering idiot. He hates Lan and MegaMan.EXE for humiliating him. BubbleMan is fiercely loyal to ShadeMan and is the omly one, not to turn on him when LaserMan.EXE takes control of the Darkloids. He eventually befriends AquaMan.EXE and IceMan.EXE, and is often seen trying to revive ShadeMan so that he can accomplish his former ally's dream of building a world for Darkloids. Of course, he fails miserably at his attempts.

In the manga, he has no person to control him, of course. He is also related to AquaMan. He is encountered in volume 12. He lives in a junkyard.


BubbleMan's cowardice carries over into the gameplay as well. He is constantly hiding behind his Bubbles and the rock in his battlefield for protection. The player also cannot encounter his Beta form unless in critical HP, too.



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