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MegaMan Battle Network 6
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Template:Nihongo is a clown like NetNavi operated by Yuika (Chirol in Japan) that works for WWW in MegaMan Battle Network 6. He awakened the Cybeasts and captures the one opposite to the name of the game version, capturing Gregar in the Falzar version and vice-versa. Originally, he was named PierotMan by his designer, but Capcom changed his name. He's not based on Clown Man from the original series.

He first appears on the Central Town net during a dancing festival. He drains all the energy out of the NetNavis present and uses them to awaken Gregar and Falzar. He obtains one of the Cybeasts but the Netpolice arrive before he can take the other one. He retreats and reappears again in the SeaSide Town net and releases a bunch of Viruses to stop SpoutMan.EXE or HeatMan.EXE from getting the fountain water. He reappears again in Central Area. This time, MegaMan.EXE fights and defeats him. CircusMan is ordered to and captures MegaMan and makes him Beast Out.He reappears again after a Cross Navi defeats Beast Out MegaMan and attempts to capture him but ProtoMan.EXE arrives and wounds him, prompting a retreat. He fights MegaMan again at the Expo and is deleted.

CircusMan's EX form can be found near the pit leading to the Underground in Central Area 3. Afterwards, his SP form can be randomly encountered in the same area. His RV form in the Graveyard sports 2100 HP. He has the following attacks:

  • Happy Clap: Two big hands appear at the top and bottom of your row, attempting to clap you. Later versions will attempt this several times if the previous attempts miss.
  • Tiger Ring: Cracks his whip and summons lions to attack you.
  • Chaos Carousel: Turns into a tent and tries to drop on you. If he succeeds the tent will cover you and begins to bulge rapidly whilst slapping noises are made and purple buster impacts appear all over the tent. This attack causes a different status ailment depending on the version. Later versions will attempt this several times if previous attempts miss.

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