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Attacks:Flame Tower, Ice Wave, Killer's Beam, Black Wing, Dark Shadow
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Dark Man
in games:
MegaMan Battle Network 3
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DarkMan.EXE is a assassin NetNavi from MegaMan Battle Network 3. Serenade told him that if he could delete 10000 Navis in a row within the Secret Area, he could fight him. MegaMan was the 9634th Navi to appear, but DarkMan was defeated by him.


  • Flame Tower: DarkMan fires a Flame Tower that slowly moves forward, shifting up an down whilst tracking the player's position.
  • Ice Wave: DarkMan fires a snowflake that slowly proceeds through the area, moving up an down.
  • Killer's Beam: DarkMan fires an Invis-piercing, paralyzing beam at the player if he lines up with DarkMan.
  • Black Wing: DarkMan opens up three holes over the back three columns of the battlefield. Bats will travel down the columns.
  • Dark Shadow: DarkMan summons an axe that will swing at the player. This is often used whilst DarkMan is using his other attacks.


  • DarkMan: Secret Area 1.
  • DarkManα: Secret Area 1, after defeating the original.
  • DarkManβ: Random enconters in Undernet 6, after defeating his alpha version. He appears if the Navi Customizer has errors.
  • DarkManΩ (SP): Secret Area 1, in the dead end in the side of the way to Secret Area 2, after obtaining 5 stars and unlocking the omega Navis.


DarkMan appeared as "Zoano DarkMan" in Rockman EXE Beast.

Zoano DarkMan is sent by Gregar to capture Trill himself. The heroes are overwhelmed by his power, but Iris's NetNavi is able to assist in the protection of Trill, and she carefully houses him within Iris's PET. However, upon appearing in the real world with a CopyBot, DarkMan captures Iris and uses a device that opens a portal to Beyondard in the real world, and Lan, Chaud, Raika, Dingo, and Maylu are transported there with him. DarkMan later revealed his reasons for taking Iris; not only because of Trill but because he is interested Iris. However Iris transports Trill away from her PET to somewhere in Beyondard where DarkMan cannot take him.

In his last appearance he traps Iris in a castle but she is eventually rescued by Dingo and Trill. Darkman appears to stop them but he is defeated by Mega Man.


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