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MegaMan Battle Network 3
Other appearances: MegaMan NT Warrior
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DesertMan.EXE is a NetNavi operated by Noboru Sunayama, and both are WWW members. He is diguised as a NormalNavi and participates in the N1 Grand Prix. He battles ProtoMan.EXE. After battling in disguise, he reveals his true form and purpose: to delete ProtoMan.EXE. He uses a move called Desert Mirage to blind ProtoMan but ProtoMan manages to wound him. After Sunayama fails to kidnap Chaud's dad, MegaMan.EXE has to battle him and delete him. He and Sunayama later appear in the Castle Wily and perform Full Synchro to try and delete MagaMan and Lan but is defeated again.

Abilities Edit

  • DesertMan starts with the entire area as Sand Panels. His hands will occupy the front of the area, and they can be destroyed (though they will regenerate after some time).
  • DesertMan is fragile, so after he gets hit (even by a Buster shot), he will dissipate, and reappear on another panel. His two blocks in his area will also shuffle their positions, blocking him. Hitting him with an Aqua attack will prevent him from dissipating for a short while, allowing other attacks to be used on him.
  • Lion Head: When his hand lines up with the player, it turns into a lion head and charges down the row.
  • Doodlebug: Vortexes will appear on some panels, and will damage the player if he stands on them.
  • Heavy Sand: DesertMan drops two blocks onto the player's area.

MegaMan NT Warrior Axess Edit

He appears as a Darkloid and fights MegaMan and Lan while they're Cross Fused and nearly deletes them by luring them into an enclosed room and filling it with sand. However a timely arrival by Chaud and ProtoMan.EXE saves them when they Cross Fuse and drive him away. He later appears in the series looking for Dark Chips and his data is deteriorating. He gets caught by the Netpolice and is imprisoned in a cell. He has gained a powerful addiction to Dark Chips. FlashMan.EXE is sent by Nebula and the Darklods to find him. At the same time, Lan's boss is captured by Nebula when a virus takes ver their car and drives them to the compacter. The Netpolice do an exchange: DesertMan for the NEtpolice cheif. Once DesertMan is free, FlashMan deletes him because he is useless but before dying, DesertMan assured FlashMan that he would suffer the same fate.

Rockman EXE Stream Edit

He appears as an Asteroid Navi and is given by Slur to Sunayama.


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