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HP:600, 900 (α), 1200 (β), 1800 (Ω)
Attacks:Triple Hole, Drill Drive, Panel Crusher
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Drill Man
in games:
MegaMan Battle Network 3
Other appearances: MegaMan NT Warrior
Voice actor:

DrillMan.EXE is a Solo NetNavi created by Wily and works for World Three. Wily trust the four TetraCodes to DrillMan to he take "Alpha" in SciLab, taking advantage of the weakened security after Mr. Match's attack. He then escapes with Alpha to Undernet 5, and when MegaMan finds him, he says it would be a good chance to avenge his cousin BubbleMan, but is deleted. Bass appears and takes Alpha with him.

MegaMan faces him again in Castle Wily, World Three's hideout, where he controls a robot to defend the local. After defeat, he would self destruct with the robot he was to destroy both Lan and MegaMan, but ProtoMan appears and deletes him before he could do it.


  • Triple Hole: DrillMan drills into the battlefield through three holes, one on each row, at different timings. One of these drills has DrillMan behind, giving an opportunity for the player to damage him. The drills can be destroyed with breaking attacks.
  • Drill Drive: Three holes appear at the back of DrillMan's area, and they constantly fire drills down random rows. One of these holes is linked to DrillMan - shooting it will damage him. Once again, the drills can be destroyed with breaking attacks.
  • Panel Crusher: Three panels on the player's area will flash. DrillMan will then drill through these holes, destroying them, and three rocks will fall at the player.


  • DrillMan: Undernet 5, and later in WWW Comp 4.
  • DrillManα: Behind the trader in Undernet 6, after defeating the original once.
  • DrillManβ: Random enconters in Hades Net, after defeating his Alpha version.
  • DrillManΩ (SP): In the same place of the original in Undernet 5, after completing several quests.

MegaMan NT WarriorEdit

In the anime MegaMan NT Warrior, DrillMan appears shortly fighting against ProtoMan in episode 55.

He reappears as "Asteroid DrillMan" in Rockman EXE Stream.

In episode 16 from MegaMan NT Warrior, a NetNavi known as "DrillMach.EXE" is called DrillMan in the dub, causing confusion between the two.

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