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Dust Man
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MegaMan Battle Network 6
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DustMan.EXE is NetNavi operated by Mr. Press. DustMan helps manage the trash in the Net whilst working with Mr. Press in promoting recycling. After Lan takes a few lessons from Mr. Press, he then spars with DustMan, eventually obtaining his Cross and DustMan as a Link Navi.


  • Super Armour: DustMan cannot flinch.
  • Scrap Reborn: DustMan shoots out a robot made out of scrap, which will move forward and punch the player's current panel, cracking it.
  • Panel Shoot: DustMan fires three pieces of cracked panels at the player.
  • Dust Break: DustMan will suck the player to the front, removing all Barriers and Auras, then crushes the player with his hands.

Dust CrossEdit

  • Once per turn, at the Custom Screen, you can send your selected chips back into your folder and draw new ones in their place.
  • B + Left will suck in all obstacles. You can then fire them off with your normal Buster, dealing 200 Breaking damage per obstacle.
  • Charge Shot becomes Scrap Reborn, which sends a scrap robot down the row and punch the nearest enemy, cracking the panel it occupies. If it misses, it will still punch and crack the last panel in the row. Deals 50 + (10 x Buster Attack) Breaking damage.
  • Dust Beast's chip charge attack is Dust Shoot. MegaMan will fly into the air, raining 6 pieces of scrap randomly on the enemy area, each one dealing 80 + (20 x Buster Attack) Breaking damage, and cracking the panel it hits.


DustMan and Mr. Press are seen in Beyondard with GroundMan.EXE and Moliarty. The team specializes in drilling through rock, either for construction of tunnels or excavation. They are enlisted by Beyondard's Ms. Millions in order to help her finish construction of a tunnel that will link two towns that are separated by a mountain.


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