Operator:Count Zap, Ann Zap
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HP:??/??/900 (BN1); 900/1400/1800 (BN6)
Attacks:Thunder Bolt, Dash Elec Sword, Lightning Strike
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Main site:
Elec Man
in games:
MegaMan Battle Network
MegaMan Battle Network 6
Rockman EXE 4.5 Real Operation
Other appearances: MegaMan NT Warrior
MegaMan Trading Card Game
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ElecMan.EXE is a electric NetNavi used by Count Zap in MegaMan Battle Network and by his wife Ann Zap in MegaMan Battle Network 6.

In Battle Network 1, ElecMan attacks a meeting held by scientists, causing a power generator failure and threatening the attendee's lives by causing them to run low on air. MegaMan confronts him, but ElecMan is invincible at first, being able to regenerate fully despite what MegaMan does to damage him. After Lan shuts down ElecMan's power source, he becomes vulnerable and is defeated.

In Battle Network 6, ElecMan is operated by Ann Zap, Count Zap's wife. He currently is entasked with managing the lighting in Sky Area in order to make up for his past crimes. After Lan operates ElecMan and finishes one of his tasks, he is entrusted with the Elec Cross, and ElecMan is now Lan's Link Navi.


  • Floatshoes: ElecMan is always floating and can ignore the effects of harmful panels.
  • Power Amplifier: In BN6, ElecMan will summon a couple of amplifiers onto the player's side of the field. They obstruct the player's movement, and when they are hit by Thunder Bolt, they can spread the damage in a + pattern extending across the whole field.
  • Thunder Bolt: ElecMan fires a thunderbolt down the row.
  • Dash Elec Sword: ElecMan forms an Elec Sword and dashes towards the player before executing the attack. Paralyzes.
  • Lightning Strike: ElecMan makes several panels flash a few times, then proceeds to hit those panels.

Elec CrossEdit

  • Non-dimming Elec chips gain +50 attack.
  • Non-dimming elementless chips can be charged to gain a Paralyze effect.
  • Charge Shot is Thunder Bolt, hitting down the entire row (regardless of obstacles) for 40 + (20 x Buster Attack) damage.
  • Elec Beast's Chip Charge attack is Great Thunder, hitting and cracking the panel ahead of MegaMan along with the two columns immediately after for 40 + (30 x Buster Attack) paralyzing Elec damage.



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