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Attacks:Whirlwind, Meteor, Ice Breath, Lightning, Wood Tower
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in games:
MegaMan Battle Network 6
Other appearances: MegaMan NT Warrior
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Template:Nihongo is Vic's NetNavi. Although he only speaks words like "pirikira" and similars, people and Navis can understand him. He was sent to steal the Force Program from Sky Town. Although he suceeds, Sky Town is reprogrammed and then runs on electricity. ElementMan can change his element from Neutral to Wood, Fire, Elec, or Aqua.

Afterwards, he is also confronted in the Expo while Lan is tracking Dr. Wily to his base, and defeated again.

ElementMan's EX form can be found in Sky Area 1, and his SP form randomly encountered in the same area afterwards. His RV form in the Graveyard has 2000 HP. He is capable of the following attacks:

  • Whirlwind: Generates two whirlwinds that hit like a Boomerang, i.e. your top row, bottom row and back column, so your front two middle squares are safe. He will always do this no matter what the current element.
  • Wood Tower: Used when Wood element. Similar to Wood Tower, sends a succession of sharpened stakes that home in on you similar to WaveArm. The stakes also leave grass panels behind, which increases the risk of the Fire attack that follows.
  • Meteor: Used when Fire element. Drops a set of meteors on you. This short-lived attack will track your position, and has little intervals between each meteor.
  • Lightning: Used when Elec element. Bolts of lightning strike from the sky, and slowly home in on you.
  • Ice Breath: Used when Aqua element. Attempts to turn column into ice. If you are on that column, you get frozen.

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