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MegaMan Battle Network 6
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EraseMan.EXE, known as Template:Nihongo in Japan, is a NetNavi that appeared in MegaMan Battle Network 6. He and Dark Scythe enter the Navi mascot competition but lose so they teach assasination lessons at the Central Town School. His lesson involves killing HeelNavis that belong to a gang without them spotting you. If they catch him, they'll Netbattle. After eliminating all of them, MegaMan.EXE has to Netbattle him and after winning gains his Cross and EraseMan as a playable character.

As a Playable Character Edit

His charge shot is a scythe attack that hits the entire column of the column two squares ahead but not the one in front of him. His Navi chip lets him shoot a laser from the eye on his chest that stuns enemies.

Abilities Edit

  • Killer Phantom: Eraseman frequently sends phantoms down all three rows at different timings. The phantoms can be destroyed with a Buster Shot.
  • Killer Scythe: Eraseman stands two squares ahead of the player and slashes the player's current row.
  • Killer Death Beam: Eraseman sends a cursor around the entire battlefield. If the player touches the cursor, he will be paralyzed, and Eraseman will move up to him and fire his Death Beam at the player. Pierces Invis and paralyzes.

Erase (Killer) Cross Edit

  • Cursor chips gain +30 attack.
  • Hitting a virus with 4 in its HP with a non-dimming elementless chip will instantly delete it. Doing so with a Navi will incude HP bugs.
  • Charge Shot is Killer Death Beam, which fires down your entire row, piercing Invis, dealing 40 + (20 x Buster Attack) Cursor damage.
  • Erase/Killer Beast's chip charge attack is Killer Tail Arrow, which drops its tail on the locked-on enemy, inflicting 70 + (30 x Buster Attack) Cursor damage and inducing HP bugs to the target.

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