Operator:Rei Saiko
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HP:300, 500 (α), 700 (β)
Attacks:Neon Light, Spark Arm, Flash Light
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Main site:
Flash Man
in games:
MegaMan Battle Network 3
Other appearances: MegaMan NT Warrior
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FlashMan.EXE is a NetNavi operated by Rei Saiko. He steals a TetraCode for Alpha in Lan's school, and hypnotizes Lan's friends with Hypno Flash when they interfere. Lan manges to deflect the Hypno Rays with an umbrella and MegaMan.EXE defeats him. However, he self destructs and leaves MegaMan with a glitch. It doesn't surface at first but later, he is unable to jack out, making him walk back to his jack in point.

Abilities Edit

  • Neon Light: FlashMan summons an orb of light that moves across the ground, randomly zigzagging as it travels forth. It does not travel past holes.
  • Flash Light: FlashMan summons two bulbs on the player's field. After some time, the bulbs will flash and disappear, causing paralysis.
  • Spark Arm: FlashMan will move to the front of his area and hit in a Widesword-esque fashion, also extending an extra panel forward. He often uses this with Area Steal and Flash Light.

MegaMan NT Warrior Axess Edit

He is a Darkloid who causes trouble. He uses Dark Chips to make himself stronger and is sent to delete DesertMan.EXE for being captured. Before being deleted, DesertMan was being deteriorated by the Dark Chips and said the same thing would happen to FlashMan. After being defeated by MegaMan, he goes back to ShadeMan.EXE, and is deleted by the Dark Chip's power.

Rockman EXE Stream Edit

He reappears as Asteroid FlashMan.EXE and is given to Rei Saiko by Slur.



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