Fyrefox is a character from the MegaMan Battle Network series. He is the NetOp of NapalmMan.EXE. He is a pyromaniac and loves fireworks.

MegaMan Battle Network 5 Edit

He first appears in the ProtoMan.EXE version on a ship battling a rich person. He defeats him and insults him. He later shows himself as the one behind the scheme to steal the Booster System. After his defeat, he agrees to join Team ProtoMan in order to avoid being sent to prison. He participates in many Liberation Missions and gets mind controlled by SoulNet. After destroying the server, he returns to normal. He later participates in the attack on Nebula'a base and returns home after the mission is over.

Rockman EXE Stream Edit

He gains control of AsteroidNapalmMan.EXE after his old NetNavi is deleted. He protects him from a criminal who wants to use Asteroid Napalman.EXE for crime and gains the ability to cross fuse.

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