(FootMan.EXE in Japan)
Designer:H. Aoki
Operator:Mr. Famous
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Compatible AM/FM-ian:{{{FM}}}
Compatible UMA:{{{UMA}}}
Compatible Wizard:{{{Wizard}}}
EM-Wave Change:Template:Emwavechange
HP:700, 1000 (α), 1600 (β), 2000 (Ω)
Attacks:Bound Throw, Grid Tackle, Foot Mega Ball, Death Touchdown
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Main site:
in games:
MegaMan Battle Network 5
Other appearances:
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GridMan.EXE, known as Template:Nihongo in Japan, is Mr. Famous' NetNavi in MegaMan Battle Network 5, the fourth and final Navi he uses. His armor is like a football equipment and as an attack, he throws footballs. His armor is red, but he can make yellow clones of himself which dash into enemies. The player NetBattle him and Mr. Famous to earn the GridMan.EXE Battle Chip. He is encountered on Oran Island with Mr. Famous.

Abilities Edit

  • GridMan starts the battle by summoning some clones of him. These clones are differently coloured and can be destroyed, but will regenerate.
  • Super Armour: GridMan and his clones cannot flinch.
  • Bound Throw: GridMan throws a football that will bounce about the player's area, targetting the player's current row.
  • Grid Tackle: GridMan and his clones can charge toward the player when he lines up with them.
  • Foot Mega Ball: GridMan kicks his football into the air. A 2x2 area will flash, and the ball will impact that area.
  • Death Touchdown: A goal post is set up. GridMan then charges towards that row, zigzagging on the way. When he reaches the goal post, the entire area will explode, damaging the player.

Rockman EXE Beast Edit

GridMan doesn't make an official appearance but severeal NetNavis that look like him are playing football in a football stadium. They are captured by Zoanoroid PharaohMan.EXE and are placed inside sarcophagus's to be converted to Zoanoroids.


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