Joe Mach
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He's the operator of BlastMan.EXE and appears in MegaMan Battle Network 6.

He appears as Lan's teacher in the Central Town School. He's kind but strict. He gives Lan his student card after he gets stopped by security robots. During Blastman's attack on the school, robots attack the students. He attempts to fight them off but is defeated. He gives Lan the teacher card so that he can go into the control.

Joe Mach appears again when Dr. Wily asks the operator of BlastMan.EXE to appear. He helps Blackbeard and DiveMan.EXE to kidnap MegaMan.EXE. They suceed and when Yuika, Ito, and Vic decide to turn against the WWW, he refuses and leves. After the ex-WWW members kidnap Iris.EXE, he tells Lan where to find her. He also eveals his reason for joining the WWW. His daughter was sick and he couldn't pay for an operation to cure her. But Dr. Wily appeared and paid for the operation. Then Joe Mach leaves. He reappears again when the ex-WWW members are attacking Baryl and saves him. Then he explains his relationship to Baryl. In a martial arts competition, he was defeated by Baryl but asked to train under him. Baryl accepted and they've been friends since.

He appears again when Lan and Chaud are cornered by Heel Navis. He distracts them and lead them on a wild goose chase. He appears one more time when all the students are graduating. He tells his students good luck and congragulates them.

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