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HP:800, 1100 (α), 1500 (β), 1800 (Ω)
Attacks:Junk Cube, Bolt Missile, Junk Press
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Main site:
Junk Man
in games:
MegaMan Battle Network 4
Rockman EXE 4.5 Real Operation
Other appearances: Megaman NT Warrior
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JunkMan.EXE, known as JunkDataMan in the English anime, is a NetNavi born from junk data. He is a Solo Navi.

MegaMan Battle Network 4 Edit

He first appears as Lan's opponent in the Blue Moon tournament. While MegaMan.EXE is in Yumland, a large pile of junk drops on him in the Net. ALn tries to jack hi out and although it doesn't look like it, he seemed to have escape. However, MegaMan acts strangely saying that he wants ot withdraw from the tournament so after inquiring him, it's revealed that he is JunkMan in disguise. Lan makes JunkMan dig out MegaMan who is buried in the trash. After leaving, Lan and MegaMan wonder why he's so alone and they get a Kindness data to try and cheer him up.

In the tournament, they offer it to him as a gesture of friendship but he destroys it. The two then Netbattle. After being defeated, JunkMan explains the reason for his solitude. He was born out of JunkData and never had a NetOp. He entered the tournament because he knew he was falling apart and couldn't last any longer. Even as they are talking, his data is deteriorating. He states that he enjoyed being in Lan's PET and he was grateful that they had shown such kindness to him and then he finally eroded away. Lan and MegaMan are touched by JunkMan's story and MegaMan gains his Double Soul.

Abilities Edit

  • Junk Cube: JunkMan throws pieces of junk at the player down all three rows.
  • Bolt Missile: JunkMan fires several bolts at the player. These move from up and down as they track the player's position.
  • Junk Press: JunkMan's arms smash down the entire row he's on.

Junk Soul Edit

  • Enemies are confused on Unison.
  • Two randomly selected used chips are recycled into the Custom Screen.
  • Charge Shot becomes Poltergeist, picking up all objects on the field and throwing it at enemies, dealing 100 damage each.

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