Operator:Princess Pride
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HP:600/900/1600/1800 (BN5)
Attacks:Royal Wrecking Ball, Kingdom Crusher, Broken Wall, Stone Body
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Knight Man
in games:
MegaMan Battle Network 2
MegaMan Battle Network 5
Rockman EXE 4.5 Real Operation
Other appearances: MegaMan NT Warrior
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KnightMan.EXE is a loyal NetNavi with high defense. Hs NetOp is Princess Pride.He is kind hearted and fearless just like a heroic knight would be and has a well sense of manners.

MegaMan Battle Network 2 Edit

In MegaMan Battle Network 2, he is ordered by his operator, who is a Gospel Spy, to delete the ONBA's information on Gospel's plans, and to kill the members of the ONBA. MegaMan.EXE jacks into the Castle's somputer system and has to fight him to shut down the traps. He later appears at the Gospel base with MagnetMan.EXE and FreezeMan.EXE to keep MegaMan.EXE from advancing but is defeated again.

MegaMan Battle Network 5 Edit

In Battle Network 5, Princess Pride is attempting to harvest an ore known as MagnoMetal from Oran Island, but KnightMan becomes insane from the metal and the drill goes out of control, creating earthquakes on the island. MegaMan has to go into the drills, shut them down and defeat KnightMan.EXE. After this incident, KnightMan joins Team Colonel, and provides Megaman with his first Soul Unison of the game.


  • Stone Body: He has this effect on when he is not attacking. In BN2, it reduces the damage done by all attacks to 1. In BN5, it functions like a permanent guard, penetrable only by Breaking attacks.
  • Super Armour: KnightMan cannot flinch.
  • Kingdom Crusher: KnightMan fires his mace ball down the row at the player.
  • Broken Wall: KnightMan fires his mace ball into the sky, causing rocks to fall down on the player.
  • Royal Wrecking Ball: KnightMan rotates his mace ball around himself.
  • Leap: Knightman jumps one square forward. In BN2 it cracks/destroys all of the player's panels. In BN5 it only cracks some panels.

In-game TriviaEdit

It is to be noted that KnightMan is immobile unless he is executing his jumping attacks. However, in MegaMan Battle Network 5, KnightMan DS would zip all around the battlefield before using a chip, and then he leaps back to his original position where he was before he used the chip.

MegaMan NT Warrior Edit

He appears as Princess Pride's NetNavi. KnightMan has a new defense program installed into him and Gospel wants to destroy him for it but with MegaMan.EXE's help, they manage to defeat ShadowMan.EXE who tried to kill him. He appears again in another episode where NapalmMan.EXE takes control of him and makes him destroy Creamland's firewall. He is defeated by Lan and co. but awakens later to help defeat NapalmMan and reactivate the barrier.

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