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in games:
MegaMan Battle Network
Other appearances: MegaMan NT Warrior
Voice actor:Richard Newman
Template:Nihongo, know as Maysa in the anime and manga dubs, is a fishseller in the MegaMan Battle Network series. He is an energetic character who likes fish and calcium, and is the NetOp of SharkMan.EXE.

In MegaMan Battle Network, Masa appears with a fish stand near Sal in the GovernmentComplex after the defeat of ColorMan.EXE, and the player can NetBattle with him. Masa appear shortly in the N1 Grand Prix competition of MegaMan Battle Network 3. He was in the A-Block and made it to the quarter-finals, but loses to Tora.

MegaMan NT WarriorEdit

Unlike the games, Masa has a larger role in the anime, and appear in one story of the manga.


Maysa is a recurring character in the first part of the anime MegaMan NT Warrior. Where he is a energetic character, and fishseller who sells fish in the market. He pretends he doesn't has a NetNavi in the anime, but he understands the importance of the friendship between Navi and operator, as he has a Navi that is only used by him under the alter-ego "Commander Beef". Masa secretly has a crush on Ms. Mari, which he rivalizes with Higsby.

As Commander Beef, he is the leader of a secret virus busting team which include him, Black Rose (Sal) and Mysteriyu (Miyu). He operates SharkMan.EXE, and the two are known to be a good team. He is a role model to Lan Hikari and the two have fought side by side before.

In episode 5, he catches the kids not doing physical activity and gets them to run around. When the fish in the Aquarium escape he must run away to change into Commander Beef (not seen on screen) and help Lan with SharkMan. He participates on the N1 Grand Prix competition, being one of his fights against WhaleMan in episode 15, where he take easy with the opponent to give time to Lan practice, defeating him near the end of the time limit. In episode 17 he and Lan team up and fight against StoneMan and BlasterMan, but SharkMan is disqualified by them. In episode 53 he is out to get a date with Ms. Mari competing as both Commander Beef and Maysa.

Maysa and SharkMan has a Beyondard counterpart in Rockman EXE Beast.


In the manga, Maysa is a skilled fishseller, and SharkMan won a tournament when he first appeared, where he says he wanted to challenge the two kids that defeated World Three (Lan and Chaud). Maysa ask Dex if he know about them, which says he is one of the kids. Maysa challenge Dex, saying that he can take all fish from his stand if he defeat SharkMan, but GutsMan.EXE has trouble to defeat him and Maylu call Lan to help him. MegaMan defeats SharkMan and Maysa gives a lot of fish to them before leaving.

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