Mayl Sakurai
(Meiru Sakurai)
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in games:
MegaMan Battle Network series
Other appearances: MegaMan NT Warrior
Voice actor:Brittney Wilson
Seiyū:Mizuhashi Kaori

Mayl Sakurai (pronunced mail according to the anime), known as Template:Nihongo in Japan and Maylu Sakurai in English anime and manga, is Roll.EXE's operator. She is a friend and classmate of Lan's. They have feelings for each other, but Lan didn't admit it until the end of MegaMan Battle Network 6, where in the epilogue it is revealed that 20 years later the two are married and have a son named Patch Hikari. The two have always been very close growing up. Mayl, being the more mature and intelligent of the two, is often having to beat some sense into Lan when he gets himself into trouble. The two do occasionally have oppositions, but the bickering only brings them closer. Mayl sometimes shows that she may have romantic feelings towards her lifetime friend. Roll and Megaman's relation strongly parallels that of Lan and Mayl's, though Roll is much more blatant with her affection towards Megaman. She was renamed Maylu Sakurai in the English anime and manga. It is revealed in the 5th game, when the character observes Mayl's house in a Visionburst 11 years in the past, that Mayl's father is Netopian (the Battle Network equivalent of an American), making Mayl at least half Netopian.In Rockman EXE Stream she, like the first season, goes swimming in a pink swimsuit with a yellow line running up the center, this being a reference to her favorite color, pink

Other appearancesEdit

  • In Mega Man ZX, a Mayl doll occasionally appears as one of the various toys found at Area H


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