He is a character from MegaMan Battle Network 6. Cain is the popular mayor of Central Town but is secretly funding the WWW and wants to capture the Cybeasts. He holds a tournament for the mascot Navi and congragulates Lan and MegaMan.EXE on their victory. A bodyguard always escorts him.

Later, Blackbeard confronts him and they're caught by Lan who walks in on them. Cain explains his past to Lan. His grandfather is the scientist who created Falzar to counter the threat of Gregar. During a battle between the Cybeasts, he lost control of Falzar and was hated by society. Cain wanted to use the Cybeasts to punish society and was about to attack Lan when his bodyguard arrives. The "bodyguard" throws off his cap and hood to reveal that he is actually Chaud, and proceeds to arrest Blackbeard and Mayor Cain.

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