Template:BN-stub List of characters that only appeared in the MegaMan NT Warrior anime.


Hoshida KyuutaEdit

Hoshida Kyuuta is the operator of LeagueMan.EXE.

Yui HazukiEdit

Yui Hazuki was the momentary operator of Asteroid StoneMan.EXE.


Iriya momentary operator of Asteroid YamatoMan.EXE.

Andou RomedaEdit

Andou Romeda momentary operator of Asteroid StarMan.EXE.

Mac and HarryEdit

Mac and Harry where the momentary operators of Asteroid GravityMan.EXE.


Ken was the momentary operator of Asteroid BrightMan.EXE.


Rat was the momentary operator of Asteroid DrillMan.EXE.



GreenMan is GutsMan's first opponent in the N1 Grand Prix, and was defeated in 15 seconds. This Navi was unnamed in the Japanese version.


LeagueMan is the NetNavi of Hoshida Kyuuta.


NoodleMan is a NetNavi that pretends to be GutsMan.EXE.

PickMan and DrillMachEdit

PickMan and DrillMach (called DrillMan in the dub) would be the opponents of StoneMan and BlasterMan, but where defeated by them when they where training to the battle.


RocketMan was IceMan's opponent in the N1 Grand Prix, and appears later with WhaleMan to fight against ProtoMan and ShiningMan.


ShiningMan is ProtoMan's partner in the N1 Grand Prix, but ProtoMan defeated him and his opponents in one hit.


Silk was Anetta's NetNavi in the anime, and only appeared in flashbacks as she was deleted.


Main article: Slur


WhaleMan is SharkMan's opponent in the N1 Grand Prix, and later joins with RocketMan against ProtoMan and ShiningMan. WhaleMan also appears in other episode, where Gospel takes him.

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