Mr. Prog is one of the most common NPC from the MegaMan Battle Network series, a green levitating program. They appear in almost every area. If MegaMan need an item or the stage puzzle (Such as a vacuum for sucking up clouds), most likely it will be given to him by one. Mr. Progs give hints in stages and puzzles. Some puzzles involve protecting Mr. Progsand leading them to certain areas. Mr. Progs also perform various everyday maintanence tasks on the Net. In the future, they are suceeded by Mr. Hertzes on the Wave Road.

In MegaMan Battle Network 5, the are ninja progs that unlock gates and golden progs that recreate battle data in order to replay Liberation Missions. In MegaMan Battle Network 6, in Green Town, the punishment for hitting a Mr. Prog on the head is something infuriating.


From MMKB, a Wikia wiki.