Ms. Millions
(Ms. Millionare)
Ms. Millions
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MegaMan Battle Chip Challenge
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Ms. Millions, known as Ms. Millionare in Japan, is a character from the MegaMan Battle Network series. She first appears in MegaMan Battle Network 2 with her Navi SnakeMan.EXE. She's a millionaire, as her names suggests, who spends time in a jewelry shop looking for a thrill. When Lan's Battlechips are stolen, she buys them and Lan has to battle SnakeMan to get them back. She returns them after she is beaten.


She appears in one episode of the second season of the anime, where she lures NetNavis to enter a game and capture them in her personal museum.

In Rockman EXE Beast, she appears in Beyondard as a millionaire looking for someone to shatter a rock that seperates two villages. She has no connection to the Zoano SnakeMan. To that end, she hires Mr. Press and Moliarty to break it. Mayl who is with the two men goes along to help too. Chaud however disappears. The men use GroundMan.EXE and DustMan.EXE to try and break the rock. Everyone pitches in but they are unable to shatter the rock. Ms. Millions reveals that she has no money left since she spent everything on trying to break the rock. Her husband was in the other village and she wanted to see him again. Then the rock suddenly breaks and it's revealed that Chaud had went to the other village and told them to help break the rock too.

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