Ms. Yuri, known as Template:Nihongo in Japan, is a character from the MegaMan Battle Network series. In the first game she teaches summer school, and was an ex-member of WWW. In the anime she is the operator of NeedleMan.EXE. Her twin sister is Ms. Mari.

MegaMan NT Warrior AxessEdit

She is a member of Nebula in the anime MegaMan NT Warrior Axess and partners with Dr. Regal. She uses NeedleMan.EXE to cause trouble and can disguise herself as Ms. Mari easily. She is portrayed as a mysterious character, whose past is unknown and appears in the sidelines, rarely getting directly involved. She is revealed to be Ms. Mari's sister but is supposedly dead. Her past is explored in an episode involving Misaki, a Net Agent that she tricked. She was on a plane when a meteor sent by Duo crashed into her plane. She survived though and gained new powers, such as quick recovery. Ms. Yuri also became a probe for Duo to observe humanity with Dr. Regal. He orders Ms. Yuri to kill Ms. Mari and gives her a Dark Synchro Chip. But she refuses and in the ensuing battle she is thrown into the sea.

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