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HP:600/900/1300/1600 (BN5)
Attacks:Dice Bomb, Number Ball, Number Trap, Set Square, Time Bomb, Number Tenbou
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in games:
MegaMan Battle Network series
Other appearances: MegaMan NT Warrior
MegaMan Trading Card Game
Voice actor:Samuel Vincent
Seiyū:Yuji Ueda

NumberMan.EXE is a NetNavi owned by Higsby (Yamitaro Higure), and both where originally members of the criminal organization known as WWW, and NumberMan is the second boss of the first game, but they turned over a new leaf due to MegaMan and Lan's influence. Afterwards, Higsby created a Battle Chip shop and NumberMan is effectively the mascot for the shop. He reappears in the City Battle Tournament from MegaMan Battle Network 4: Blue Moon as a random opponent, and MegaMan can acquire the Number Soul. He later joins Team Colonel in MegaMan Battle Network 5 in order to gain self-confidence, and Higsby's Chip Shop is used as a base to Team Colonel, and MegaMan can acquire the Number Soul again.


  • Dice Bomb: NumberMan throws a Dice Bomb into the player's area. If it is not destroyed after a set time, it explodes, hitting a 3x3 area around it, and inflicting damage to the player depending on the dice roll result. In BN1, it hits the whole field instead, one column at a time.
  • Number Ball: NumberMan sends three balls down all three rows. Each ball displays how much damage is required to destroy it.
  • Time Bomb: NumberMan summons a Time Bomb. If it is not destroyed in time, it will hit the whole field, once column at a time. Used only in BN1.
  • Set Square: NumberMan throws a Set Square onto the player's area. After a while, it will move off, turning at the player in a right angle. Used only in BN4.
  • Number Trap: Used only in BN5. NumberMan sets a trap on a random panel in the player's area. If it is set off, one of the following will happen:
    • A time bomb is set.
    • Area Steal will be used by NumberMan.
    • A 2x2 eraser block will fall on the player. A shadow of it will be seen before it lands.
  • Number Tenbou: In the anime, Numberman can engage in close-range combat by using a tenbou (a stick used to record scores in Japanese mahjong) as a sword.

Double SoulEdit

  • All elementless chips gain +10 attack.
  • Custom capacity is expanded to 10 while this Soul is in effect.
  • Charge Shot becomes Dice Bomb, which is a 3x3 bomb centred three panels away, dealing more damage depending on the dice roll result. The damage multiplier is 10 in BN4, and 5 + (5 x Buster Attack) in BN5.

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