Pat Sahran (Phakchi Faran in the Japanese version) is the operator of SlashMan.EXE, and an expert cook. She and SlashMan appear in both MegaMan Battle Network 6 and Rockman EXE Beast.

MegaMan Battle Network 6Edit

Pat Sahran runs a Net Cooking class in Green Town. During this class, Lan operates her Navi, SlashMan.EXE, and gathers ingredients to make Cyber Soup. After completion of the class and winning a NetBattle with SlashMan, Lan gains Slash Cross.

Rockman EXE BeastEdit

Phakchi used to be a chef on a luxury liner in Beyondard, before it was attacked by Zoanoroid WhaleMan.EXE. Phakchi was the sole survivor of the attack, and after being washed ashore she was found by a village, where she currently works as the village chef.

Phakchi holds a great passion in her job, and makes it a point to do her best in preparing meals, so that she can make everyone happy with her cooking. Also, due to her past, whenever she is faced with beast viruses or a Zoanoroid, she flies into a rage.

When Netto is found near the village, half-starved, Phakchi helps cook up a feast to solve his hunger, and shortly after they become friends, much to Kojirou's chagrin, who had a crush on Phakchi. Kojirou decided to win Phakchi's favour by catching a large amount of fish, using Iris.EXE's touchpen that contained Trill.EXE.

When Kojirou goes out to sea, using the light coming from Trill to catch fish, Z WhaleMan appears and attacks the fishing boat. Phakchi recognizes Z WhaleMan from the scars which SlashMan had inflicted on him back when he attacked the liner. While Netto used Cross Fusion to rescue Kojirou from the boat, Beyondard's environment made it hard to maintain Cross Fusion, and so Phakchi materialized SlashMan to finish off Z WhaleMan for good, avenging the ones he killed.

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