Operator:Speedy Dave
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HP:400, 600 (v2), 800 (v3)
Attacks:Quick Boomerang, Double Boomerang, Quick Slash
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Quick Man
in games:
MegaMan Battle Network 2
Other appearances: Megaman NT Warrior
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QuickMan.EXE is an incredibly fast NetNavi operated by Dave Speedy (Daisuke Hayami) who was sent to destroy the Okuden Dam with explosives.

MegaMan Battle Network 2 Edit

He is sent to Okuden Dam to destroy it to demonstrate the power of Gospel. He is inside the fourth bomb in the dam. when MegaMan.EXE fights and defeat him, he reveals that he is the trigger for the bomb and attempts to blow up. However, ProtoMan.EXE arrives in time and deletes him. He later reappears in the Gospel base and is once again defeated by MegaMan.

Abilities Edit

  • Whilst QuickMan is not moving, he will block every attack (save breaking attacks), and is vulnerable after he attacks or whilst he is zipping about the battlefield.
  • Quick Boomerang: QuickMan will fire a boomerang down the row. His v3 form can fire it in a figure-8 formation.
  • Double Boomerang: QuickMan's later versions will fire two boomerangs down two different rows.
  • Quick Slash: When QuickMan runs low on HP, he can move up to the player and slash in a Widesword-esque manner.

MegaMan NT Warrior Edit

QuickMan is once again operated by Speedy Dave and is a member of Gospel. MegaMan fights and defeat him but it turns out that it was just a demonstration to make people take better care of nature. Then a Gospel Navi appears and attempts to delete him for not destroying the dam but MegaMan and QuickMan defeat him.


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