Template:Nihongo is a character from the MegaMan Battle Network series. Her NetNavi is AquaMan.EXE. She is a shy and constantly nervous character.


MegaMan Battle Network 4Edit

She is a participant in the Blue Moon Tournament because she is trying to get enough money for her brothers to stay in college. They get her a new washing machine and tell her to throw away the old one but AquaMan thinks that they're talking about him, so he runs away. Lan and MegaMan.EXE manage to bring him back in time for their match. Lan defeats Shuko which disappoints her but her brothers cheer her up.

MegaMan Battle Network 6Edit

She appears in the Falzar version of the game as a teacher at the Central Town school and as a worker at the aquarium. She is once again working to raise money for her brothers but she broke a valve and caused a flood, and Lan has to collect fishes in the Net using AquaMan. Shuko gets fired by the aquarium but continues her job at the school.

MegaMan NT WarriorEdit

Shuko first appears in Axess. She is known as the girl with terrible luck. Higsby holds a Netbattling Competition as a promotion for his shop which she participates in. Shuko enters and Lan and his friends let her win but AquaMan goes out of control. After he is calmed down, she works at Higsby's shop. She admires him and how he manages to get over his bad luck.


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