Template:Nihongo is a character from the MegaMan Battle Network series. He is the operator of BeastMan.EXE in the games and Asteroid BeastMan.EXE in the anime.

MegaMan Battle Network 3Edit

He is a member of the WWW and is a zookeeper at the zoo near Yoka Inn. He uses BeastMan to open all the animal cages so that he could steal a TetraCode. BeastMan was defeated by MegaMan, but Inukai escaped with the TetraCode. He later operates BeastMan as one of the UnderNet's top 10 to obtain the Forbidden Program, but was again defeated by MegaMan. When all the WWW members gather at the Wily Castle, Inukai is absent. When one of them members asked Lord Wily why he's not present, he states that he "deleted" Inukai since he failed his mission in the Undernet.

RockMan EXE StreamEdit

In the anime, Inukai was a animal trainer that was fired due to his harsh treatment to them, and uses BeastMan to get revenge. He is a member of the Neo WWW and uses BeastMan.EXE to cause trouble.

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